Geert Teuwen

Geert Teuwen (Co-Founder, Creative Director)

Originally from Belgium, Geert Teuwen moved to New York City at the age of 24 after graduating in Photography from Sint Lukas College of Art and Design.

He heads the company’s design division as well as running his photo studio, Teuwen Photography. For the agency, he designs marketing materials (invitations, posters, press kits, brochures, etc.) and conceptualizes décor for events.
Geert has been a pioneer of digital photography and his portfolio includes such clients as Temple St. Clair, Sesame Workshop, Hanky Panky, L’Occitane en Provence, Kenneth Cole and O&CO. Geert has been featured as a digital photography expert in Japanese and American trade publications.

Geert’s Favorites:
Vegetable: Asparagus
Cheese: Bobolink’s Foret
Wine: Savennières
Beer: Duvel
Farmers: Mountain Sweet Berry Farms, NY
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate

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