Amanda Torres

Amanda Torres (Assistant Account Executive)

Amanda Torres is an Assistant Account Executive providing support on a variety of accounts including Wines of Alsace and Cognac. She graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Public Relations and Fine Arts. Thanks to her background in and passion for writing and the arts, she has held a range of positions at multiple entertainment PR agencies. In these roles she worked with clients, including Lana Del Rey and Katie Holmes, to promote their creative projects through innovative approaches. Amanda joins Teuwen Communications with a strong interest in food and wine and an excitement to share the stories behind another creative world. Amanda is from The Bronx, New York and comes from a hispanic background rich in culture with food to match it.

Amanda’s Favorites:
Vegetable: Potatoes
Cheese: Anything salty and nutty, medium-hard texture
Wine: Most Pinot Noirs/Malbecs and bubblies
Cocktail: Classic Margarita
Beer: Anything (and only those) from Mexico
Guilty Pleasure: Cookie dough

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